Technical Note

Some technical notes on the paper artwork of Nicolas Arati

Arati’s work dwells on the boarder line of painting and sculpture. It takes the form of relief’s, composed out of many layers of handmade paper, glued together into a strong substance. During the drying process the paper, alive as it is, takes slightly undulating forms, expertly kept in check by the artist.

At the start of a new creation, the works are mounted on a sturdy ground consisting of textile (linen or cotton) or a mixture of textile and paper.

Many layers of paper are then glued unto to each other by a special kind of glue that permeates them completely. As a result the paper becomes much more resistant.

Finally a varnish is applied which makes it possible to clean the art work, if necessary, with a fine brush.

The works – which can be up to two or three meters in height or length, but are mostly smaller – are not necessarily framed. They can appear as “bas-reliefs” which creates the impression of freedom and lightness.

The banners have elongated shapes with ribbons affixed on both sides. They are impregnated with an acrylic substance which make them waterproof and suitable for decoration outdoors. There they might, for example, be fixed on a bamboo pole ready to move freely in the wind.